5 Ways To Save Money On Your Move

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Not many of us have a moving truck and moving supplies conveniently in our possession for our move. This means that our moving expenses can stack up quickly, which can add some unnecessary stress on top of the move itself. Well, if you’re looking for ways you can spend your money wisely so that you can keep your sanity, look no further. Keep reading for our budget- conscious moving tips that can help you move on a budget.

Declutter And Sell Your Unwanted Items

While you move, it wouldn’t hurt to declutter your home. You need to go through each and every item anyway, so you can kill two birds with one stone. Plus, after you declutter, you won’t need to move as many things. And the best part is you can actually make money by selling off your unwanted items. It’s best to start this process early, as in, as soon as you learn you will be moving. Once you sell your items, you can pocket the cash to use towards your moving expenses.

Donate The Bulky Items That You Don’t End Up Selling

Thrift shops are a great place to donate your unwanted items. If you can’t sell some items on time, then donating them is the next best option. You wouldn’t want to waste money on moving
bulky items that you don’t even need anymore.

Use Cheap Or Free Materials For Packing

Packing materials can become quite costly. Instead of purchasing bubble wrap, why not try using some household items as packing materials? For example, you can use your socks to wrap glassware, and kitchen towels are great for separating plates. If you saved the boxes that certain items came in, you can reuse them. You can also avoid spending money on boxes altogether by looking on websites like Kijiji to see if people are giving them away for free.

Don’t Plan Your Move During The Busy Season

This factor might be out of your control, but if you can, try to avoid moving during peak moving season, which takes place May through September. Off-season rates are much lower and you will have an easier time scheduling your move with the times of your preference.

Always Shop Around For The Best Prices

When you are trying to move on a budget, you will have to figure out where to cut your monthly spending. Moving is the best time to do that. You can search for new cable or internet providers that can give you a better deal than what you’re currently getting.

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