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Office relocations can be challenging but following a detailed checklist will help make the process easier. The goal is minimal disruption while moving as well as a process that is smooth and stress-free and in order to achieve this, planning, preparation and communication are a must.

If you are planning on moving your office, the following guide will help:

  • Review your property lease to see where you stand. If you are leaving the lease earlier than you had intended, you may have to pay additional costs, so make sure you are aware of this aspect.
  • Set up a planning team to help with the moving process. They will be responsible for delegating tasks and will ensure no detail is forgotten. It is important that every employee knows their responsibilities ahead of time so that everyone on the team is on the same page.
  • Research different moving companies and get quotes from all of them so that you can do a comparison. Look for value, reputation and the services that are offered and find a company who can meet all of your needs and requests.
  • Look into moving insurance if you have important and expensive equipment or machinery.
  • Create a budget. This is a very important step because it will prevent you from spending more than what you can afford.
  • Once you have confirmed your official moving date, you need to let everyone know about your relocation. This includes employees, clients and your landlord or property manager. Make sure you give everyone plenty of notice so that there are no surprises and provide everyone with the moving date and the new address.
  • Notify any affiliates and suppliers that you work with about your upcoming move and provide them with the new address as well. It is important that you contact those who will be affected by the move to provide them with your new contact information. Banks and financial institutions, professional organizations, clients, partners, insurance companies, IT companies and your internet service provider should all be notified about your relocation.
  • Get a detailed floor plan of your new office to determine how the space will be divided and used. Do this in advance so that the moving crew is aware of where to put each box. This will make it easier for every department to unpack and to begin work in their new space. Your new floor plan will also help you determine whether or not you need more furniture so that you can order items in advance.
  • Sign and organize all of the paperwork related to the move, including permits and licenses.
    Hire a cleaning company to ensure your new office is clean and ready for use.

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