7 Expert Packing Tips for a Smooth Residential Move

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Moving from one home to another is a time-consuming process, especially if you have a long list of belongings that have to be sorted through and moved. It makes things even more challenging should you have lots of fragile items that need to be handled carefully. Professional movers and packers are always here to help, and can help ensure your valuables are moved correctly and undamaged.

Here are seven ways you can use to ease your packing woes while minimizing the chances of encountering trouble in your move.

1. Create an Inventory

If you are using a professional mover, you may choose to have them move only a subset of your items to save on costs. You are likely to choose the heavy or fragile items to ensure they are packed and secured properly, and don’t get damaged in transfer. Keeping a list of all your items is important, but you should separate your lists based on what you’re moving yourself and what would be travelling with the movers. It will not only help you unpack in your new home, but also tell you if any missing items are part of yours or your mover’s list.

2. Custom Packing Supplies

Some items are just too oddly shaped to be packed normally. They may need a specially shaped box, or specialized padding, or both to ensure that they can be transported safely. Instead of relying on your skills as a prof essional MacGyver, a professional packer can use the right tools for the job all included in the cost of moving.

3. Multiple Sizes forBoxes

Not everything is suitable for the same size of box. Naturally, larger items need larger boxes, but heftier items tend to be safer in small boxes, while fragile items are much safer in big ones with plenty of packing in between. Your professional should be well prepared for all such scenarios.

4. Optimize Your Boxes

Professional movers will often charge based on how many items or boxes you need moved. While you should be wary of breaking your belongings and shouldn’t overfill your boxes, you should also not be too afraid of filling them either. Your professional packer should know the optimal amount of packing needed to ensure safe transport while keeping the number of boxes required to a minimum.

5. Label Your Boxes

Just because you got your boxes to their destination, doesn’t mean you’re finished. That’s only half the job! Imagine how frustrating it would be to come to your new home and have absolutely no idea what is in any of the boxes, having to sort through them all just to figure out what goes where. This could all have been solved with simple labels on the top and the sides of the boxes to know exactly what goes where and how when you move back in.

6. Use a Professional for Electronics and Furniture

When it comes to moving heavy things, let the professionals take care of it. They have had years of experience doing exactly this type of work, and will be able to do it far better than you can. Especially with electronics, it’s always a good idea to take lots of pictures of how they appeared beforehand so you can reassemble them in the correct way upon arrival.

7. Consider Letting the Pros Handle Packing

Some moving companies also have packing services available, and letting them take care of this process may mean they can provide insurance for your belongings in the case of damage. They will usually take care of all of the above steps for you, and unload them in your new home in a logical and efficient manner, often taking just a day to complete the job.

If you need a qualified residential moving company in the Edmonton area, AAA Rightway Moving can get the job done right. With both moving and packing services, we can offer you a complete moving service from start to finish, and you can rest easy with the knowledge that your belongings are safe with us!

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