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Affordable Rates

Competitive rates make us your #1 choice for your moving requirements.


If you require a safe and secure storage space in between your move, we can help you out!

Packing & Unpacking

Let us do the work, from start to finish we do it all!

Item Disposal

We will load and remove any unwanted items you uncover during your move.

Container Loading & Unloading

We can provide PODS and will do the loading/unloading for you.

Furniture Assembly

We will disassemble & reassemble any furniture that requires it during the move.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Things To Know

    Can we leave clothes in the dresser?

    Yes but we recommend keeping it light and having no valuable items in there. Books, jewelries etc. should be packed separately due to the fact that we may potentially need to tip the dresser over and we don’t want them to fall out or get damaged.

    How do you protect my furniture?

    We will professionally wrap your furniture with our padded moving blankets to ensure that there are no damages.

    How will you protect my floors?

    We use a specialized rubber floor runner to ensure that we do not damage your floor and to keep the place clean. We will also cover your stair railings with our specialized railing blankets.

    Will you move my TV? How will you protect it without the box?

    Yes we will! We professionally wrap your TV with our padded blankets and then wrap it once again with bubble wrap to ensure it stays safe and protected.

    Will you guys set up beds and dressers at our new place?

    Yes we will! If requested, we will disassemble and assemble the beds and dressers.

    Will you move clothes right out of the closet?

    Absolutely! We move clothes right out of the closets using our wardrobe boxes so that it will protect your clothes from wrinkling up and you wont need to iron or dry-clean them.

    How will you protect my paintings/pictures?

    We will bubble wrap your pictures with excellent care and then place them in our specialized picture boxes.

    Moving Companies Edmonton

    AAA Rightway Moving Company

    Reasons to Choose Us

    100% Customer Satisfaction

    Our mission is to deliver your items safely and on-time every time.  We strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction with every move we make!

    Full Service Moving Company

    We will handle everything from safely packing, loading, delivery, unloading and unpacking your items.  We are a full service moving company!

    Affordable Moving Services

    We believe relocating your home or business is costly enough.  We provide a high quality moving service at an affordable price.

    Storage Space Available

    AAA Rightway Moving can provide safe and secure storage for your items if your new location is not ready before you have to leave the old one.

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