Don’t Put That In The Van! Things You Shouldn’t Put In A Moving Truck

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During a move, you will likely be using a moving truck to transfer all your belongings from one property to the next. While you’re packing, it might be a good idea to keep in mind there are a few things that shouldn’t necessarily be packed in the van.

Temperature-sensitive Items

Avoid putting things that need to be kept at a certain temperature into a moving truck. Temperatures in the vehicle cannot be regulated, so don’t place items that will become damaged in too cold or too hot temperatures in the moving truck.


Not only do some medications need to be kept at a certain temperature, but most containers are very small. Imagine putting your very important medication in one of 20 boxes then forgetting which one! A potential disaster is just waiting to happen. When you have to pack your medications, it is a much better idea to put them in a smaller back that you can keep with you.

Important Paperwork

Keeping important paperwork in a secure folder is much better than transporting them next to your dining plates in a truck along with all the other belongings from your home. You should be able to access the paperwork whenever you may need, not have to sift through the rest of your belongings in one box, only to realize an hour later you put them elsewhere.

Flammable Materials

Are you moving anything that could start a fire? Yeah… maybe don’t put that in a truck with absolutely everything from your home. If possible, leave behind flammable and explosive materials. If you have to bring them with you, make sure you keep them separate from the rest of your belongings.

Perishable Food

We know that dinner from a few nights ago was just so good you almost HAVE to bring it with you on your move. That being said, we would strongly advise against bringing your perishable food to your new home with you. They can be a real mess to clean up and if you forget about it, the smell can be unbearable. Instead of taking it with you, eat it before you get into the truck.

Anything You Will Need Immediately

Keep anything you will need as soon as you get to the new property out of the back of a truck. Moving, no matter how organized, is still a complex process. You don’t want to complicate the moving process any more than it already is.

Have any questions about specific items? Don’t hesitate to ask any of your questions when you give us a call today! At AAA Rightway Movers, we move things the right way! Call us today to talk about booking your move and get a free quote.

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