Top 5 Items You Should Be Storing In A Storage Unit

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Storage units can be a lifesaver when you want to declutter your home or if you’re moving into a smaller home. They are also a great storage solution if you’re moving abroad temporarily for work or study and need to store the majority of your belongings for a while. Here are the top five items you should be putting into storage today to free up some valuable space in your home.


Furniture is probably the most commonly found item in storage units. They are bulky and tend to take up a lot of space. Perhaps your furniture has been made redundant at your new furnished apartment, or you’re downsizing, whatever your reasons are, placing furniture in storage is an excellent idea if you think you’ll need them again soon.

Types of furniture you’ll find in storage include:

  • Beds and mattresses
  • Dining room furniture
  • Patio furniture stored for the winter season

Before storing your furniture, disassemble the larger pieces to save space in the unit if possible. You should also make sure that all the items are clean and dry to prevent mold growth. 

Seasonal Decorations And Items

There’s no point in keeping your Christmas or Halloween decorations in the house year-round when you only use them once a year. The same goes for seasonal equipment, clothes and shoes. For example, you can store thick winter coats, boots and ski gear away during summer. Just imagine all the free space you’ll have in your closet!

Files And Documents

In an ideal world, all paperwork will be digital, and we will no longer have to keep stacks of old business documents and tax forms at home. While you should always keep your essential records at hand, some files are not that important but yet you have to keep them for a few years until it’s safe to dispose of them, including:

  • Item warranties
  • Receipts
  • Old medical records
  • Employment records
  • School records

Sick of your file cabinet overflowing? Keep your non-essential documents safe in a reputable, humidity-controlled storage unit!

To-Be-Decluttered Items

If you have boxes of items that you need to sort through sitting in your home and taking up the already limited space, you can set up a decluttering storage unit. Yes, it’s a thing! Put your boxes there and then slowly sort through them when you have the time.

Collectibles And Artwork

Collectors’ items and expensive artwork pieces are often stored away to prevent damage during a move. Store them in a secure storage facility if you want to make sure your beloved items are safe and sound until you have settled into your new home.

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